Five reasons why sending cheese is better than sending flowers.

We all love receiving a surprise gift delivery on your birthday, anniversary, or just because! But when it comes to the hierarchy of gifts delivered to your doorstep, some out rank others... 

A cheese delivery is the best Brisbane gift delivery idea! Forget flowers, they're beautiful... but they d-i-e.  Cheese on the other hand, it's a delicacy that your sense of smell and taste will enjoy; it brings people together, it fills your cup with happiness, and your tummy too. 

Five reasons why sending cheese is better than flowers...

1) A gourmet grazing box full of cheese and charcuterie doubles as a gift and a meal in one! 

2) CHEESY PUNS! Take advantage of the opportunity to be punny on the gift card... Here's some cheesy puns we like to lean on "Happy Brie-Day to you!", "Olive you so much!", "Have a grate day!". 

3) A cheese platter is the perfect gift for so many circumstances.

New baby? Send a platter full of soft cheese & charcuterie to the hospital - Mum will love it! (Yes, we deliver to the Mater Mothers, Royal Brisbane, Greeenslopes Private Hospital, and of course to residential addresses for when the family returns home). We even have a specialty new mum you can view here.

Condolence gift? Food is the last thing on your mind when grieving. What better way to send your love than with a cheese platter box, allowing loved ones to gather together and enjoy a platter and reflect on the good times. A cheese platter is a thoughtful gift, but a morning tea box is always appropriate too. 

Birthday? Because no celebration is complete without cheese. Wine not send some wine too with your grazing box?

4) You can't share flowers. That's right - sending a gift to your partner and thinking, "what's in it for me?" Well here's the answer: Cheese, Charcuterie, Antipasto, Dips, Crackers.  

Platter boxes make the perfect corporate gift - your favourite clients will share the goodies, not just the boss. 

5) PLATTER BOXES ARE MEMORABLE! You'll always be remembered for sending the beautiful, delicious, decadent, did we mention delicious? platter box. Don't get lost in the crowd by sending flowers. 


Now that the score is settled, order that special someone a cheese platter today. We offer Brisbane gift delivery within 15km of Camp Hill (4152) for a $10 flat delivery fee - next day delivery available, Tuesday - Sunday. 

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As always, have a Gouda day!

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